Discover Light Purpose 

Everyone is born with a set of instructions that helps guide them to fulfill their purpose. Even before we are born, we begin to feel the energetic pulse and life blood and all the lived experiences of our ancestors, living parents and divine family. This life pulse combined with how we cope and tolerate the traumas in our lives, influences our ability to connect directly with a unique divine set of instructions that guides us toward our mission and life purpose. 

As part of my effort to heal the traumas facing vulnerable communities and individuals, I offer divine alignment coaching, to: 

  • become aware and begin to align the parts of you that are out of alignment
  • build a sustainable, unique divine practice that includes light
  • Access your divine instructions to meet your purpose 

This is a contemplation based practice for people called forward to use light to amplify their own divine instructions. All people with spiritual, religious practices that seek to do something good in the world are welcome. For more information, set up a free strategy session on the contact page.