Organizations & Culture

The problem-solving of the last century, will not help us solve the dilemmas of this century’s workforce. We need to create conditions for a new frame to emerge.
— Ana Polanco

Corporate life is changing for every sector. Workplace challenges are forcing companies and organizations to refine their workplace values  and reimagine what a workplace looks like with four generations in the workforce. How do we change the culture from one of hierarchy to one of collective leadership? What changes do we need to make to create inclusive approaches to gender and race that help us grow and deepen our work?

Some organizations are moving away from reactive approaches and toward proactive strategies that redefine organizational life. The approaches of the traditional workforce -- old forms of supervision and models of leadership and learning need to change. Instead we need to focus our attention on: 

  • Cultivating an inclusive workplace culture (gender and race equity)
  • Understand complexity to resolve modern day issues 
  • Redefine notions of leadership and teams
  • using innovation to have breakthroughs
  • Create resilience in times of change

Services include: 

  • organizational development
  • Facilitation
  • training and workshops to strengthen skills
  • Team and Community Coaching