What Clients Say...

Ana's clients come from all over the United States, including California, New York, Michigan, D.C., Maryland, Ohio and a bunch of states in between. Her clients are culturally diverse and represent a wide range of industries and sectors. Here is what consulting and coaching clients and mentors have to say about Ana's work: 


“When I am speaking with Ana, the world disappears and we explore together some aspect of my world that has risen to the surface.  She's there with me, supporting and being strong.  Working with Ana has shown me that I can be brave about moving through scarier aspects of life.  I trust Ana a lot, which is an amazing thing to say about someone I've only spoken with over the phone.  She has a wonderful sense of humor, and has walked with me through pretty dark places with strength, warmth, intuition, and intelligence.  She is a powerful thinker and feeler, and I will be happy for anyone who gets to receive her wisdom and work.”  -- Rev. Rose, Unitarian Universalist Minister

Ana is an incredible coach, supporting me to make progress on core issues I've danced around for years. The quality of her listening and questioning is sublime. She gracefully walks the fine line between encouraging and challenging, which has helped me grow at a pace that is both noticeable yet sustainable with time for integration. I cannot recommend her highly enough. -- Nicole, People Dev, Google

"Working with Ana has been transformational. I sought her out during a time of great transition in my personal and professional life. I felt fearful and uncertain about how to best step into the opportunities before me. Ana helped me see that I am truly enough and have 'the ability to weave a song into the heart of humanity.' Her insightful questions, tremendous intuition, and warm spirit helped guide me back to the resilience and power within myself to change my story and be whole. Life will never be the same." -- Sindy Morales Garcia, Cultural Organizer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ana more than once. She first worked with us for a multi-stakeholder convening bringing together college students, faculty members, and staff from nonprofit and grassroots organizations. During the planning stage, Ana skillfully elicited the essential purpose and outcomes from me in a way that was simple and effective; it is now a go to process for any of my program design efforts! Ana's ability to engage a large group with ease by moving us into smaller working groups and then back to the whole group through various exercises kept us present, and most importantly on time. After that convening, it was clear that Ana's skills and dispositions were a match for my institution's vision and values. We were delighted to work with her again on a smaller working group project that allowed us to dream big for the future. I'll keep finding ways to bring her brilliance, passion, and strategic thinking to my work again and again." -- Judy Pryor-Ramirez, Director of Civic Engagement & Social Justice, Eugene Lang College for Liberal Arts at The New School


"I've known Ana for many years but this was the first time I experienced her as a personal coach.  She definitely got me in a place to do things, confront situations and envision my life for the better (and sweeter).  If you are ready to take that step and delve into yourself in an assertive yet gentle manner, Ana is the person for you." – Raquel, Strategic Advisor

"In my previous role, I hired Ana to help me when our program was at a critical juncture. I needed someone I could trust and who understood my vision for the program. Ana was able to help me expand that vision, build trust with grantees in the field, and deliver critical support to get my strategy approved by the board."  -- Anna Fink, VP Philanthropy, Amalgamated Bank

There is a little voice inside of us that passionately whispers our dreams and those of our ancestors. Most of the time it goes unnoticed. Ana has the divine gift of not only detecting the faint whispers but supports her clients in the full manifestation of their purpose. By making the choice to work with Ana, you will be making the choice to fully step into who you are and evolve into who you are meant to be. - Damon Gbuduala Azali-Rojas, Certified Professional Coach, Destiny Coaching & Consulting

 “As a coach in training, I hired Ana to fulfill a requirement, but have gained so much more than that. The instant connection I felt with Ana has allowed me to be vulnerable with her, and her to push me to my ultimate potential. Ana has helped me tap into my motivation for becoming a coach, unveiling a new found confidence that the path I have chosen is right for me.” – Maria, Organizational Development Specialist

"Ana magically combines keen intellect with deep spirit and an infectious sense of humor to inspire those around her. She is a skilled listener who will find the insights that you've been overlooking and she will help you discover how to use those insights to achieve remarkable results. Ana is organized and intuitive, curious and confident, full of solutions and the right questions. Working with her is a no-brainer." - Madhu Maron, ACC, Certified Professional Coach, Madhu Coach


No words can describe how amazing it has been working with Ana. She has challenged and pushed me like no one has done before, but in a way that is supportive and nurturing at the same time.  She's helped me begin to understand my true wants and needs and how I want them to play out in my personal life and career. Every session ends with actual action items and next steps, not just talk.  This has been the best investment I've ever made in me. -- Rosa, Marketing Expert, wife, and mother of three

"Ana Polanco's leadership abilities are grounded in her commitment to creating solutions for individuals and organizations that move us to meaningful social change and individual development. Her warmth, flexibility and clear thinking make her fun to work with and outcomes that are much better as a result of her participation. Her skills as a coach, consultant and trainer puts her in an ideal position to navigate towards the new solutions that are sorely needed."  -- Richard Michaels, MCC, Master Certified Coach and Gestalt Therapist

"Coaching with Ana has been a highly rewarding experience. Humorous, loving and caring but also challenging and insightful, she enabled me to see past my self-imposed restrictions. Ana opened a new perspective for my life and I loved hearing her infectious joyful laugh on every call." -- Gwyn Munn, Ph.D.